Taskfeed Project Management Software (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, October 23, 2013

Taskfeed is a Project Management Software built upon ideas and experiences from real life project cycle and interactions. Over the years I’ve used many Project Management tools. While many of them served the purpose right, I found them bloated or overly complicated at times.

I realized that, Task/Project Management software can do a world of good if there was a Team Environment. A way to keep it simple, clean and elegant. Taskfeed is meant for TeamWork. Create your team and manage your projects together! Get notified on the go and have fun organizing your ever so cluttered project queue.

Taskfeed Currently features (but is not limited to)

Invitation to join Taskfeed/Your Project by email.
Creating your own team to work with.
Apps for To-Do, Milestones and Discussion.
Attachment in discussion.
Threaded Discussion View.
Email Notification for all major events on a project.
Runs on simple Apache Server
User Roles as Project Owner and Contractors.
Managing your priority Queue
Task Calendar.
Public 3D Business Card!
Task and Project Management Panels.

The public business card will help to create an eco-system where you can find professional contractors and use Taskfeed as a freelancing resource in future!