Teddy’s Cafe (Games)

By Acty, October 19, 2013

An addictive game with endless fun.

Do you think you could do a better job than the waitress at that restaurant with better service?

Thank try it once in this game how better you are.

Here, at Teddy’s Cafe, you are the waitress who needs to manage the customers and make them leave full and happy!

How to Play:
Give the customers the food and don’t let them get antsy or upset! As customers start entering the restaurant you will need to bring them to the table and wait on them. You do that by dragging the characters into the table and give them their menus. Once they are ready to order they will raise their hands, and your job is to go get their order and bring it to the kitchen. Once the food is ready you will need to take it to them and wait until they are done and ready to pay.

Built using cocos2d. Revmob has been integrated to generate more revenue through it.