Top Social Stories Plugin and Widget (Utilities)

By Acty, October 22, 2013

“Top social stories” are your best posts, the most shared on social networks, discover and analyze your most viral posts with this plugin and watch stats on these posts: you can see how many Facebook interactions and Twitter interactions you have every day, whatch the trending of your posts during a period of time and, if you want, show them to your visitors.

If you use social plugins for sharing contents on Facebook and Twitter or if you use the Facebook comments under your WordPress blog posts, you should install this plugin, to save and track social interactions data.

Top Social Stories Plugin grabs the total share count from Facebook (likes + shares + comments) and grabs the number of times your links are twitted on Twitter for each post of your blog every day.

Data are saved in database and can be exported as custom fields linked to each post (which you can use in your theme to show social interactions). This data, daily, are used to create ranks of your Top Social Stories.

These ranks can be added to your siderbars throught widgets and can be used inside posts with shortcodes.
The plugin and the widget have a lot of parameters to customize your ranks and get useful Top Social Stories list, but if you are novice go with defaults, they are quite good for all blogs.

Features list:

– stats on a period with trends
– daily stats with trends
– save historical data for each post
– show historical line chart for social interactions both global (all posts) and for single post
– simple and easy readable data with trends (which post is going viral, which is going down)
– customize time period to analyze and get a rank
– customize number of posts (both in widget and in analytics page)
– show authors rank for a period and for today
– customize the widget to show/hide total count number
– customize the widget to show/hide featured images
– customize the widget to force include of posts (if you have paid content to push)
– customize the widget to optionally add automatically a tag to posts that enter a rank
– show Facebook (like + shares + comments) count and Twitter count on Posts list in wp-admin
– export data to custom fields to show counters inside your theme with php!
– include a useful setting to refresh Facebook cache
– simple css and html structure to customize the widget