WP Temporary Image Upload (Media)

By Acty, October 2, 2013

WP Temporary Image Upload plugin allow your users to upload images temporary. You can set how many days max images will be stored on your server.

  • Users can upload images on your site
  • Allowed jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • Set max store time
  • Images are autodeleted after set time
  • Create automatic site without maintenance needs
  • Put your ads without any work on site

With this plugin you can create a site automatically, without any need for maintenance, where to put your advertising or to offer an additional service to users.

This plugin uses jquery, html5, twitter bootstrap so it will be necessary to check the compatibility of your browser.

On request it is possible to make some (free) customizations to accept other file types supported by wordpress (pdf, doc, ppt, mp3 and all others).