YouTubePlayer (Audio/Video)

By Acty, October 14, 2013

The video player is using MPMoviePlayerController (not WebView) so it’s fast and the video quality is better.

The video list is using native UITableView with automatic loading at the bottom. You can sort the search list by Relevance, Upload Date, View Count and Rating.

You can share the videos with iOS built in options.

Really easy to setup, just copy and paste the code and use your custom search terms.


  • Xcode 5
  • iOS 7
  • ARC


– Search, list and play YouTube videos

– Infinite video listing

– Sort videos by Relevance, Upload Date, View Count and Rating

– Share videos

– Using MPMoviePlayerController

– Native user interface

Check screenshots for visual details.

You can get your YouTube API key here: