Auto Watermarked Youtube Uploader (Images and Media)

By Acty, November 4, 2013


This script is most powerful ever build, It’s Automatically Download the Video from Youtube or Facebook, Watermarked it using your Images (PNG, JPG or GIF no animated) and then Upload to Youtube, All are using just single click.


  1. Just One click
  2. Running on Google API, No required Gmail username/password
  3. Ability to download video from Facebook and Youtube
  4. Auto Write the Title, Description and Tags from the Downloaded Video File Name
  5. Auto Delete video from server after uploading (save storage space)
  6. Set Video Privacy status to “Private”, “Public” or “Unlisted”
  7. Auto Add Watermark from your chosen Image from drop down.
  8. Mobile Responsive Theme, Built using bootstrap
  9. Using FFMPEG to add watermark and Convert into MP4 (Youtube friendly).
  10. You could Select Category for YouTube Upload
  11. One time connect with Google API
  12. Auto Token Refresh or Manual.
  13. Step by Step Video Tutorial include in script



  1. PHP 5+
  2. Apache
  3. Linux OS (Not tested on Windows or Mac)
  4. Latest FFMPEG installed on your server (FFMPEG-PHP is not required)

    1. Compile with h264 and AAC Codec
  5. CURL
  6. EXEC
  7. f_open (allow URL)


Test Requirements:

If you are interested in purchasing “Auto Watermarked Youtube Uploader”, you must have following requirements activated
Download Requirement Tester PHP Script Click Here