CONFESSION (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 5, 2013


Confession provided you quick and easy way to create a confession site that allow anonymous user confess or simply tell their secret. It was built with a lots of features that can force you to scream wow!. Confession script also provided you a very quick and easy way to customize your site, earn money with ads-space and much more. Just enjoy it!

Why this confession script?

General features

  • Quick installation (about 30 seconds, input then done, no hand-setup need).
  • Build with H0 Framework, easy to intergrate other application, easy to customize.
  • Ajax confession post, two levels security and spam filter.
  • Powerful and professional admin pages, Confession script provides well-designed and well-made admin pages so that the site administrators can manage everything (confession, confession in Q list, and so on) easily..
  • More than one languages support, there are english and vietnamese already, you can also add and translate your own very easy. Just typing some string then done!
  • Facebook comment supported, you also can replace it with other comment types, quite easy.
  • Responsive design. Manga page auto fit with device, comfortable for user to read on smaller devices.
  • Stand-Alone: Confession script is a stand alone application but by using H0 Framework, you can intergrate Confession script with other products using same Framework like forum, support board, etc.
  • Clean code: Confession script is very well written and applies good coding structure that makes it stable and maintainable. It consists of several layers to handle the core process, theme system and widgets
  • Widgets that editable, help you to make money and drive traffic with your site.
  • and lots more..

User’s function

  • Because this is an confession, all content uploaded in secret then no register, login required
  • Anonymous post confession, confession will have to be accept by admin or recieve enough upvote by user to be published.
  • Vote confession (Like and dislike) with 2 level security prevent vote spam
  • Moderate confession: These site’s user help you to moderate unpublished confession

ADMIN’s Function

  • Manage published confession: Add, edit, delete.
  • Manage unpublished confession: Add, edit, publish, delete.
  • Manage site configuration such as: choose theme, min-max confession character, limit post in X minutes, how many upvote that the confession will be published or how many downvote that confession will be deleted.
  • Edit theme options (If current theme have options)
  • Customize widgets of current theme.