Facebook Comments and LikeBox Pimper (Social Networking)

By Acty, November 2, 2013

Millions or billions site owners looking for a way to stand out, this tool will make an eyecatcher on the fly from standard grey bleu facebook comments and likeboxes.

Now, You can customize make it Bling-bling, Sparkle, Funny, Artistic, Spacey, Cool, Girly and totally Your own taste and design…

Your visitors can also (hotlink) from websites on the internet and photobucket.com OR imageshack.us by just copy and paste the image url.


5 style generators for comments
1 style generator for likeboxes
adspot on al pages
like buton on al pages
donate button ready
generate on the fly and preview
remote image url backgrounds
20 animated gif backgrounds extendeble
collor picker
color backgrounds
color borders
build on bootstrap
easy to install


open set-config.php follow instructions
open add.php put in your adds
open extra.php put in your paypall donation button

Upload done!


php4x or beter