HTML 5 SEO Speed Script – No Server Required (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 10, 2013

Pure HTML 5 Seo Speed Analysis

Basic SEO is simple. Backlinks and keywords don’t mean anything without the core SEO principles. With this script you can run 11 comprehensive tests, including:

  • Analyzing landing page redirects
  • Analyzing server compression
  • Analyzing browser based caching
  • Analyzing server response time
  • Analyzing HTML, CSS, and Javascript minification
  • Analyzing render-blocking resources
  • Analyzing optimized images
  • Analyzing the prioritization of above the fold content

What it does

This script utilizes the latest in SEO grading (directly from Google Page Insights) and tells you about the what’s making a page slow with recommendations on how to make the page faster. Faster pages result in higher SEO rankings.


  • Check any website
  • 11 comprehensive tests
  • Interactive chart visualizations
  • Custom grades for each test
  • Overall website grades
  • Specific and exhaustive details on problem areas
  • Recommendations for improving SEO site speed
  • Test results support 40 languages with automatic translation.
  • Responsive design (including chart visualizations) using Bootstrap 3.2

* The actual test results support 40 languages by changing the language code. However, other portions of the application need to be manually translated.