HTML5 Youtube video player with subtitles (Media)

By Acty, November 29, 2013

This video player supports subtitles, playlist, HTML5 and youtube videos. Subtitles and playlist can be disabled. Player can have from 1 video to unlimited number of videos. Each video can have own subtitles. Player layout is responsive so it fits perfectly in every website design.


  • easy setup
  • responsive
  • playlist support
  • subtitles support
  • HTML5 video support
  • Youtube video support
  • click & drag (touch) to control gallery
  • mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, android)
  • 100% vector icons, retina-ready
  • all browsers compatible
  • multiple instances: you can insert more players in same page
  • optional logo: you can add your logo as image (.jpg, .png).
  • optional preview image: if you want your player to be paused when page loads, you can set preview image
  • autohide controls: you can choose after how much seconds player controls will disappear
  • autoplay: on/off
  • complete volume control
  • tooltip for time seek
  • fullscreen support (when not supported real fullscreen it switches to full browser support)
  • double click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • SPACE key play/pause
  • ESCAPE key to exit fullscreen
  • installation instructions included
  • Flag Counter