Login Pages (Forms)

By Acty, November 7, 2013


Save time and money by integrating these fully responsive login pages into your website!


Fully Responsive
Works on multiple screen sizes ranging from a desktop browser to a tablet and even a mobile phone. Max needed size is 400px, lowest size is 200px.

3 Pages
Includes a sign in page, password recovery page, and sign up page. Fully HTML coded so that you only need to copy / paste and modify if needed.

10 Themes
Choose from ten different theme files or mix and match styles to create your own theme for the site you’r working on. The CSS files are split between structural and thematic files.

JavaScript Included
Includes a copy of the jQuery library, a placeholders script for non-HTML5 browsers, and three additional template script files to use with the login pages. These forms are built to be AJAX ready first and can be modified quickly to turn them into standard forms.

Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 AA
HTML validated against current HTML5 standards as well as Section 508 (US Government standard) and Accessibility standards.

Browser Support
Works on all modern browsers including Internet Explorer version 7 and above. IE specific CSS file and coding is available for compatability.


.html, Sign-Up.html, and Recover.html

Login-Pages.css, Login-IE.css, Thematic CSS Files

General Background Image, Thematic Images by Folder

jQuery, Placeholders, Sign-In, Sign-Up, and Recover JavaScript files.

HTML file with instructions on the installation, use, and configuration of the pages.


This product uses additional open source libraries and scripts as optional includes:

Placeholders 3.0.0 – Adds placeholder support for forms in pre-HTML5 browsers.

jQuery 1.10.2 – Industry standard JavaScript framework for web development.

Change Log

Version 1.0.0
Initial release