Multiple RSS Reader (Full Applications)

By Acty, November 5, 2013

Multiple RSS Reader is an iOS app to view RSS & Atom feeds. Features:

  • Add/Remove/Edit RSS feeds – Add the Name and URL of the RSS feed
  • RSS feed information is saved using Core Data to a sqlite file
  • Some RSS feeds have been set on first load to show that it works. This can be changed in code
  • Query RSS feeds asynchronously
  • Load Pictures in the RSS feed if they are available in the provided feed. These are also loaded asynchronously and cached (One of the most required features on other RSS apps on Code Canyon)
  • Feed is shown separated in sections by the Date
  • Load web content formatted using custom style sheet. Can be modified in code
  • Content can be shared to Twitter/FB/Email/SMS etc
  • This application can be used for a variety of purposes:

    • To use for yourself :)
    • As a template and add more features and sell on the iOS App store. Time is ripe for a new iOS7 inspired RSS app
    • The sky is the limit