Particle – WP Magazine Theme (News / Editorial)

By Acty, November 4, 2013

Simple yet powerful magazine/blog WordPress theme

Particle is our latest and greatest flagship theme packed with awesome features. It’s fast, mobile friendly and beautiful!

The theme was built to embrace new technologies and web standards such as mobile first, which is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and hot stuff like touch enabled sliders, image annotations and responsive images that increase performance by changing size depending on what kind of device the user is browsing on. These features make navigating the theme a pleasant experience and we all want that for our beloved users so they keep coming back.

Did I mention the beautiful, clean and stunning design, it has the wow factor.

We studied and researched many big and small news outlets on the web to see what kind of functionality they were offering their users. We then compiled a list of the best ideas and incorporated many of these features in Particle. For example, easy to use mega menu, gorgeous full screen ajax search, we added ajax functionality everywhere so users can easily load more content from a specific parts of the page if they want to, they can filter it by popularity, date or even category, it’s awesome!

The #1 thing people want in a website is speed and #2 easy navigation, Particle has both of these and then some.

it was a joy building the theme and we look forward to adding a bunch of new features to it in the near future.

Particle is WordPress 3.7 compatible and uses the Bootsrap 3 CSS framework.