Regionalist PHP Localization Editor (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 5, 2013

Every online registration form always has three basic dropdowns Country, State and City. Regionalist, best way to manage your country, state and city entries. This is a simple international country, state, and city drop down list manager that automatically repopulates the state section based on the country selected, and automatically repopulates the city section based on the state selected. All of this is done without reloading the page. This script could also be used in other formats, e.g., automobiles: type/make/model; or books: publisher/author/title. Also you can easily fetch your data on your website by javascript, or server-side options.

  • Customizable Bootstrap Style
  • Multiple Language Support (Only included default language file)
  • Ajax Dropdown Country / City / State
  • Active / Inactive Controls
  • Repeated Entry Controls
  • SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF Protection
  • Easily Modify for Another Projects