Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart (OpenCart)

By Acty, November 13, 2013

OpenCart is one of the best eCommerce solutions available today. OpenCart designed to meet various eCommerce needs, no matter of you have just one product for sale or your business could offer hundreds, thousand or even the million of products. However, OpenCart have some disadvantages in terms of SEO which could cause big problem to get good ranking for the site.

Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart is aimed to resolve the major of OpenCart SEO issues. Ultimate SEO will help you to archive higher ranking in Google and other search engines.

Here is the list of the main features what Ultimate SEO does:
Removes the URL duplicates
Generates the 404 Error pages
Support multiple languages
Generates SEO friendly sitemap
Provides SEO monitoring system
Force OpenCart to follow the hierarchy
Fully automated
Friendly to other plugins

… and much more!