WP – Keyword To Link (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 5, 2013

Easily add keywords that turn into links for you wordpress blog / website.
SEO Friendly

How many times did you add links or Affialiate links to specific keywords on your blog or website so far ?
I know the answer, many, too many.
It’s time you think more about you and less about problems
Add 10,25,50 any amount of keywords which will turn into links automatically in each of your articles.
Save 15, 25 maybe 40 minutes on each article you’re writing !
We all know it, time is money friend.

The Links are “hidden” (No this script is not using an url shortner, it uses an internal link identifier).
Adding a keyword is so easy, it takes only 10 seconds.
You also receive statistics on keyword clicks on a daily basis.

Explaining the process :

If I define a keyword called “robert” on my website http://easy-development.com/cloaked-keywords/
Clicking it will take you to : http://easy-development.com/cloaked-keywords/?p=4&information-about-keyword=robert
Which will afterwards redirect you to the “real page”