Youtube Video Search (Search)

By Acty, November 2, 2013


YouTube Video search everything you need to manage your movies in your blog.
YouTube Video search is a great new script.This is a lightweight, fast site youtube video search engine for static/dynamic websites written in PHP. It is a great tool for search youtube videos by keyowrd to your website or theme. It is small, easy to setup.


  1. No database required
  2. Easy to integrate with existing themes and websites
  3. No configuration just upload and use it.
  4. Lightning fast
  5. Without any YouTube API
  6. Easy to customize
  7. Youtube video category
  8. Youtube description of video
  9. Youtube video rating
  10. Youtube 4 video thumbnails
  11. Ajax based search on the detail page


Most of the people use a lot of hectic methods to get the videos from youtube for their blogs and websites.

Now, just get this piece of code upload into your website, and use upon your requirement.