YoutubeWall Prestashop module (Prestashop)

By Acty, November 5, 2013

Show Youtube videos from your channel, on your Prestashop home page.


  1. You can customize width of the widget on your website.
  2. Background color and header color are configurable.
  3. Columns for the videos can be customized (Example: you can now have a 3-column layout for the videos displayed.)
  4. The widget itself is responsive; given a width (or %) for the widget, the inner contents will resize accordingly.
  5. Video player opened in a lightbox.
  6. Subscribe on youtube opens in a new tab.
  7. Parts of the plugin like header/tabs can be hidden
  8. Displays your actual complete youtube channel on your website just like its shown on youtube.
  9. Compatible with firefox, explorer, chrome, safari, opera