3-in-1 Tabs/Accordions/Toggles module for OpenCart (OpenCart)

By Acty, January 22, 2014

ALTHEMIST 3-IN-1 Unlimited Tabs / Accordions / Toggles OpenCart extension is a powerfull OpenCart extension providing the ability to create custom content for OpenCart based web sites

VQMOD required!

The extension allows creating of:

  • Unlimited Tabs (content sections grouped in tabbed interface)
  • Unlimited Accordions (content sections grouped in accordion interface)
  • Unlimited Toggles (content sections grouped in toggle interface)
  • Works with any theme
  • NO core files replaced!

You can easily place the module in any page (layout) using the default opencart Content Top and Content bottom positions.

Each module instance is multilanguage capable and can hold unlimited number of sections.

Each section have an Icon, Title and description fields for better content control and more visually appealing look.

The Description field supports any HTML content and works with the default CKEditor tool, which is a standard for OpenCart admin interface.

The extension comes with it’s own stylesheet file and could be easily customized according to your needs

Demo admin access:


User: demo / Password: demo