Awesome Media Gallery WordPress Plugin (Galleries)

By Acty, January 19, 2014

An elegant, robust and customizable php framework for any media sharing community. Give your members the power to share collections of photos, images and videos with one another.

This script is a WordPress Plugin that can be easily installed on any WordPress Site! For the stand-alone PHP Script, click here.


Online demo

Admin Demo

Admin Dashboard demo (u: admin@admin.com / p: admin12345)


Features and documentation

The Best Image and Video Script Framework

We have put well over 1500 hours of energy into this product – we think it’s the best deal for $40 you’ll ever find. If you’re a web developer searching for the best social image/video framework available to build your dream site, then look no further because this is it. The code we’ve assembled contains the latest, most advanced scripts around, and once you get the hang of the customized Mokoala CMS and the front-end framework we’ve setup, it’ll blow your mind! You’ll save hundreds if not thousands of work-hours. Ultimately, we hope that everyone will love this massive script and build awesome communities.

Who Needs This Framework?

This php application can be added to any existing website, or used as the centerpiece of a new website. The application can be useful for photography clubs, modelling agencies, art communities, graphic design portals, food and recipe sites, restaurants, travel sites, and many other types of communities. This framework resembles Behance.com, Dribbble.com, and 500px.com, however it is a standalone application for any website.

Some Highlighted Features

  • Super Easy Installation and Setup.
  • Use social login features from Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.
  • Supports Videos from YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo.
  • Works with Animated Gifs.
  • Unlimited custom galleries.
  • Sort the content by Latest, Most Popular, Most Comments, and Featured.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • Each user has their own vanity url, including custom avatars, and editable profile fields.
  • In-depth User Statistics: including Total Images, Followers, Following, Favourites, Views, Fan Favourites, Fan Views and Fan Comments.
  • Lots of AJAX = Fewer page reloads.
  • Really cool modal pop-ups.
  • Drag and drop file uploads.
  • Advertising banner management.
  • Advanced Stylesheet using LESS CSS.
  • Built on the Yahoo CSS Pure framework.
  • Fully Optimized for SEO with semantical HTML and CSS.
  • Equiped with the latest Open Graph tags and various Twitter card types.
  • Responsive on Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile devices.
  • Powerful Mokoala CMS.

Designed for Media Sharing Communities

Cool Popup Modals

Makes for less page reloads, and a fun interface.

Social Login Integration

All of the guides for social login can be found in the Using Mokoala section.

You can easily manage a user-generated video site, without the bandwidth costs.

Supports Animated Gifs

You can easily manage a user-generated meme-site.

Categorize and Visualize All your Members

Members can follow each other and track their contributions.

Shared Activity Feeds

The activity of each members and those they follow show up in a unified activity feed.

Amazing Options and Features

So many features and options that will save you hundreds of hours of development time.

Edit Image Info and Member Profiles from the Front-End

Give your admins and members the ability to edit their media and profile content without going into a separate back-end.

Quickly Scan Through the Site Content with a Lightbox

All the media on your site can be quickly viewed using a lightbox script called Fancybox.

Twitter Cards, Social Media Banners, and More

All of the latest social OG tags are implemented to help make your site stand out among the pack.

Powerful Content Management System

We worked with Mokoala CMS and its founder, Matt Lowden, to create a solid and scalable framework.

What People Are Saying


Awesome Media Gallery is built with Mokoala CMS. It has a single installation process similar to WordPress. This Mokoala installation guide covers how to install the CMS along with Awesome Media Gallery.


Features In-Development – Cast YOUR Vote!

Our Support Services

Engage is an active web development agency that charges $90 per hour. Needless to say, we’re going to fix any bugs that you find. You can report them here. We’re also going to post some snippets of code here that will help you change up your design. But if you have a lot of specific questions about customizing your site, you’ll have to sign up to our monthly, unlimited email support plan. For $99, we’ll help you solve your specific customization problems over email. If you need further, hands-on assistance with your site, please email us with the project requirements.

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