Classifieds Maps (Ads CMS) (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, January 18, 2014

Classified Maps is a little CMS based on Codeigniter to create shortly an ads website.

You can choose your country map, switch between vector map and google map, post ads, manage ads, manage categories easily, add CMS pages…

A) Change site settings ?

Connect to your admin panel www.yoursite.com/backoffice

  • Login : admin
  • Pass : admin


Choose your country and your currency to change the country map


Also, you can upload your logo

B) Manage categories ?

In “manage categories” menu, you can :

  • Add categories
  • Add sub-categories
  • Delete categories or sub-categories


C) Add CMS pages ?

In “CMS Pages” menu, you can :

  • Add pages
  • Edit any page
  • Delete page


D) Manage ads ?

After an email confirmation from your guest, you can accept any new ads before she was publicated on the website.


After your confirmation, you can delete any ads.