Countdown Timer Magento Extension (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, January 11, 2014

Magento Countdown Timer from Magik is the #1 extension for adding a countdown to your products, categories or your entire store. Adding a countdown creates a sense of curiosity and urgency in the minds of your visitors leadings to dramatically higher conversion.

Countdown Timer for Products

Create product specific countdown timers to create urgency and drive more visitors to buy you product before the discount or product runs out of availability.

Countdown Timer for Categories

You can create a countdown timer that is applied to an entire category so a set of products on sale can be shown with a product timer in all listing as well as search pages.

Countdown Timer for Store

Apply a countdown timer to your entire Magento store for big events like the Thanksgiving Sale or Christmas Sale with ease. You can define the exact details based on your specific requirements.

Customized Look & Feel

You get complete freedom in creating the exact look and feel that you like so it blends well with your store design and theme. You can choose from a set of predefined designs or create your own CSS.

Customize Format & Position

You have full flexibility to choose the format of displaying the timer as well as the position where it appears. This helps you to see what works best for your layout and theme and what converts best.

Flexible Rules Engine

You can define specific rules for applying the countdown timer to your Magento products, categories or the entire store and also define what must happen when the timer runs out.