jQuery – Easy Multiple Select (Forms)

By Acty, January 28, 2014

Selecting Multiple Entries should be easy

And we can do this for you, in less than a minute.

  • State of The Art OOP
  • Handles everything automatically, with zero effort on your side
  • We display a better interface for your multiple selectors. We’re always syncing the visual & natural selector by using key events.
  • Event Based designed
  • Component Based Arhitecture ( One Controller + 3 Handlers, unplug any as you wish)
  • Minimalistic CSS, easily modified.


Plays well on the iPhone, iPad, and any Android-powered device.

jQuery Easy Multiple Select works out of the box with little effort on your end, created for you. Minimal coding for you, we promise.

Easy Integration

The installation process is simply copy – paste and a 3 step integration. The last one is of course enjoying the script

Everything is plain simply, we’ve taken care of everything, the code is OOP for the curious ones

12-24H Support

We guarantee support 7/24. Our fastest answer was 15 minutes after receiving an email.

We take the time to answer you as detailed as possible, our goal is making sure every client is happy