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By Acty, January 16, 2014

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Why you need this application?

  • You have real estate agency or want to make real estate listings portal?
  • If you need multilanguge, you must try administration!
  • I do not hide the administration, it is my biggest strength, try it before buy.
  • Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, pages, amenities
  • CMS with logical structure embedded
  • Easy to make new custom theme, Bootstrap example provided and nice documentation
  • Based on Codeigniter, so if you know it you can easy customize anything you want

If at least one of the answers is yes, see the application and i hope you’ll love it. :-)

About application

Modern real estate portal application build with multilingual support in mind, robust, user-friendly and easy-customizations. has a purpose to showcase property listings, custom fiels for properties amenities and easy template-ing. Backend is fully responsive so no matter what device you use, it always looks nice! Elegant content management system with logical page structure is also embedded.


Backend (administration interface)

Administration login url

Admin username: admin
Admin password: admin

Agent username: agent
Agent password: agent

Frontend example theme

Grid or List Layout

native multilanguage support

Drag & Drop, customizable amenities

Easy location entering

Drag & Drop files/images for multiple upload or reorder


Technical documentation

  • Application is based on CodeIgniter PHP framework, if you know CodeIgniter you can easily customize the system.
  • CodeIgniter is a very simple framework with the best documentation ever seen, so you can easy learn it.

Download Package

  • Source JS
  • Source CSS
  • Source PHP files
  • Documentation
  • Preview example and bootstrap theme examples

Server requirements

  • PHP version 5.1.6 or newer
  • MySQL (4.1+)

Server requirements

  • PHP version 5.1.6 or newer
  • SQLite extension enabled (it is by default)


1.0 – 8 January 14

  • Initial release


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