Realtime Chat (Frameworks and Libraries)

By Acty, January 16, 2014


RealtimeChat is a full native iPhone app to create realtime, text based chatrooms with Facebook/Twitter login.

RealtimeChat is using Firebase as backend which is free for side projects or businesses that are just getting started. (Free plan: 5 GB Data Transfer, 50 Max Connections, 100 MB Data Storage).

Really easy to setup, just copy/paste the code and use your own chatrooms.


– Realtime, live chat between multiple devices
– Facebook/Twitter login
– No backend programming needed
– Automatic online/offline detection and handle
– Native and easy to customise user interface


– Xcode 5
– iOS 7


1., Open up your View Controller file where you want to use RealtimeChat and add the following import to the top of the file:

#import "TableChat.h" 

2., Then paste the following inside your code:

TableChat *tableChat = [[TableChat alloc] initWith:@"Chatroom1"];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:tableChat animated:YES];

3., Compile and run.


Check screenshots and video for visual details.