Screets CX – WP Chat plugin for Sales & Support (Utilities)

By Acty, January 22, 2014

Chat with your customers on your website for sales and support easily, and beautifully.

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  • Open source – Full control on source code
  • One-time fee – No monthly payments
  • Multi operators – Multi operators & visitors
  • Unlimited chats – No limits on concurrent chats
  • Offline messages – Contact form appears when OPs offline
  • Widget customisation – Customize colors, design and messages
  • Plugin updates – Update last version from our servers
  • Private data – All data stored in your own server
  • Secure – CX follows WordPress security procedures like preventing direct and unauthorized accesses to plugin files, using nonces for sending forms in admin panel and providing secure DB and AJAX requests.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.8


By default, CX simply uses Ajax technique instead of Web Sockets. Because it’s pretty straightforward and works even on Internet Explorer. Also, you probably don’t need any server modifications for this plugin. It works with native PHP 5 server and WordPress fine.

When a visitor sends a message, all online operators get it at the same time and any operator can reply the visitor’s message.. Besides, more than one operators can join the same conversation. It means, one visitor get help from more than one operators at the same time if you wish.


  • Works with only WordPress 3.4 or newer versions.
    Multisite is NOT supported.
  • You may have errors if site homepage is different from the directory you installed WordPress.
  • Operators must use WordPress admin panel to answer visitors (no mobile support yet for operators)

How it works?