Shop Assistant for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

By Acty, January 23, 2014


What it Does

The more quickly and easily a customer can find the products they want in your store, the more they will buy and the happier they will be with their experience.

Shop Assistant offers your customers a natural language search function where they complete a highly specific search tailored to their needs in the simplest way possible.

No more filtering over and over to find the products they want, or struggling to navigate complicated product menu trees, or filling out long advanced search forms. Shop Assistant allows your customer to create a natural language search ‘sentence’ quickly and easily from anywhere in your site, which feels just like asking a real person for help, leading directly to the products they are after.

The sentence is completely customizable and as broad or as specific as you choose and can be placed anywhere on any page, any widgetized area, or directly in your template code.


  • Let your store help your customers like a real person
  • Create your own search sentence
  • Highly specific or simple and broad
  • Effective, fast, easy and natural for your customers
  • Increases sales

Happy conversions!



* Initial release