Shortcode based Related Article Embedder (Joomla)

By Acty, January 30, 2014

Ever wondered how the great news websites suggest related articles, great e-commerce sites show other related products as their visitors browse any particular page and read a story? With this Plugin you can achieve just that with style.

Key Features:

  • Displays Related Items with easy to use Shortcode
  • Great Flexibility and Option to Customize
  • Ascending or Descending Related Articles Picked Up from Meta-tags
  • Custom Title for Related Article
  • Skip Words option by title matching (like adverb etc.) or exclude categories for perfect control
  • For specific Categories Plugin Enable/Disable Options
  • Shortcode Syntax is Pretty Simple: {cbrelatedarticle /}
  • Supported Components: Com_Content and K2
  • Custom Title for related article
  • Setting Round Corner Radius of embed box
  • Show on left, right or center
  • For more details please check details shortcode usages guide: http://codeboxr.com/product/shortcode-based-related-article-embedder#detailsusagesguide (only for content plugin)

Related Article Options:

  • Related Articles Box Heading
  • Show Directions Words
  • Custom Background Color
  • Use Gradient

Easy to Setup:

  1. Put your Site URL
  2. Select Your Social Button
  3. Save and Enjoy

Customer Review:

I just started using this extension and am so far very pleased with the functionality and support. I like being able to embedd related articles into individual stories of my choosing, and having the option to have them generated based on Meta data, titles or individual article IDs. I was also very happy with the support I received when I asked a question about the functionality. The developer added the functionality I asked about and released a new version that included this. This extension appears to have great support!

Joomla Compatibility:

This Plugin works for all Joomla (1.5, 2.5 and 3.x) versions