Showoff (Galleries)

By Acty, January 17, 2014

Showoff is a WordPress plugin offering an attractive way to show projects on your website.


From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse and pick the Showoff archive file.

Click “Install Now” button.

Click “Activate Now” after the plugin has been installed.

A new menu should now appear in your Admin Menu called “Showoff”.

Adding Categories

From your Admin Panel go to Showoff -> Categories -> Create New Category.

Enter category name and click “Save Category”.

Adding Projects

From your Admin Panel go to Showoff > Projects> Create New Project.

Full the required information and click “Save Project”.

Displaying the plugin on the front-end

The plugin uses the shortcode [showoff] to display the front-end content. From your Admin Panel create new Page or Post and type [showoff].

Shortcode examples:


[showoff title="Our Projects"]

[showoff cat=1,2,3 title="Our Projects" cols=4 spacing=0 perpage=8]

cat – Category ids (visible in the admin) to display separated by commas (optional)
title – The Plugin Title
cols – Project Columns
spacing – Space between projects (units – %)
perpage – Projects to display per page