Sporty Slots : Slot Machine Game (Games)

By Acty, January 17, 2014

A sporty themed slots app that’s fun for everyone!

Developed in Cocos 2D, this is a great app to have in your portfolio and an easy one to reskin as well.

It’s a simple Slot Machine game where the player bets anything between 1 and 20 “credits” and only wins if they get 2 or more of the same symbol on the middle row.

Added symbols like “Wild Cards” and “BONUS” make the game more exciting and gives the player more chance to win big. In terms of winning, the player is guaranteed to win in a predetermined random number of spins so as to keep them intrigued in the game and keep playing.

If you don’t feel like releasing this as it’s own app, why not include it in another game as a “Bonus” level?

NOTE: This game does not payout any real world money – it’s only in game currency.