Subscribe by MailChimp: WordPress Plugin (Newsletters)

By Acty, January 26, 2014

Subscribe by MailChimp

Subscribe by MailChimp for WordPress, is an excellent plugin to boost up your mailchimp subscribers list. The plugin is beautifully designed to add an elegant and jQuery powered subscription form to your site. It adds a ‘Subscribe’ button at the right-bottom cornar, when the subscriber click on the button, it popups a beautiful subscription form, which a subscriber can use to subscribe for your wordpress site.

Subscribe by Mailchimp

Subscribe by MailChimp Plugin Features

  • jQuery Powered MailChimp Subscription Form
  • Easy to configure
  • Track your subscriber stats
  • Increase your MailChimp subscribers
  • Give a rich Subscription feature to your WordPress Site

Read Quick Starter Guide, to Learn How to Use WordPress Subscribe by MailChimp Plugin to boost your site’s subscription performance and increase you subscribers.