Today Free Apps (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, January 26, 2014


AppFreee is a full native iPhone app to list and view Today Free iOS applications.

This app is using native user interface (not WebView) so it provides clean and fast user experience.

All data come directly from backend servers. So it’s fast, reliable and up to date.

Really easy to setup, just copy/paste the code and use your custom search terms.


– List and view Today Free iOS applications
– Clean, native user interface
– Apple supported data


– Xcode 5
– iOS 7


1., Open up your View Controller file where you want to use AppFreee and add the following import to the top of the file:

#import "Categories.h" 

2., Then paste the following inside your code:

Categories *categories = [[Categories alloc] init];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:categories animated:YES];

3., Compile and run.


Check screenshots and video for visual details.