WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin (WooCommerce)

By Acty, January 11, 2014

WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin

“WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin” is the best plugin for Vehicle or Vehicle Parts Website. Admin can show filter plugin on Sidebar or Footer widget. Admin can add Make and Model from backend and also add each product Make, Model and Year. Admin can add multiple Model and multiple Year for a Make. So it is the best plugin for vehicle. “WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin” is compatible upto wordpres version 3.8 and woocommerce version 2.0.20

Online Documentation

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Frond end Preview

Product Meta Box

Add Make Panel

Add Model Panel

Settings Panel

Features of WooCommerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin

  • Best for WooCommerce Car/Car parts websites
  • Filtering Based on Make, Model & Year
  • Admin can add “Make” & “Model” from Backend.
  • Admin can add each product Make, Model & Year
  • Admin can show plugin Sidebar and Footer Widget
  • Customize All Text & Color
  • Ensure full Support