Athena Advanced A.I. Personal Assistant Chat Bot (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, February 9, 2014

Build your very own SIRI Personal Assistant clone! Introducing ATHENA: the smart A.I. that gives you ALL the tools you need to create intelligent virtual assistants and conversational robots! From absolute beginners to hardcore robotists, this script has something for everyone at all levels! No programming knowledge is needed to modify this unless you wish to program your own custom commands (like: “Athena, fetch me today’s news please”). Now you too can be a part of the artificial intelligence digital assistant revolution! Running on PHP/MySQL, this can be installed on the cheapest web hosts!


+ Smart adaptive artificial intelligence
+ UNLIMITED Bot Phrases/Languages/Knowledge (managed through Admin Panel)
+ UNLIMITED Custom Commands (execute custom PHP code and Javascript!)
+ UNLIMITED Trigger Words
+ Fast, accurate, and realistic decision-making algorithms
+ Conversational & realistic
+ Customize the bot’s name and personal assistant hooks (e.g.: “Sara, get me my email” or “Mike, load up Google.com”)
+ Human Voice recognition (Google Chrome only)
+ Admin Panel for Bot’s Knowledge Management
+ Modular Design allows for your unlimited custom code, without touching the core engine
+ Responsive, Desktop & Mobile-Ready
+ Clean, minimalist design easily fits your branding
+ Simple enough: Does not require programming knowledge to operate (again, use Admin Panel)
+ Advanced enough: Hardcore coders will love using the custom command triggers to make the bot execute PHP/JS
+ Documentation Included
+ Auto-Installer (10 minute install)


ATHENA is actually a “lite” fork of our much larger A.I. project that we intended for big corporations. We decided that more people should have the right to afford their own A.I. bots, so we slimmed down our big dog and brought you a very affordable ATHENA! Note: As a tradeoff for the very affordable price, ATHENA’s brain module (AKA, central logic engine) will be encrypted PHP code because it incorporates algorithms that are copyrighted by us. However, it is NOT necessary to edit the brain module for full customization. All other source code is not encrypted and you are fully able to extend it with custom code without ever touching the core engine. Again, the core engine itself is a slimmed down version of an A.I. system we will license to large companies. But it is all you will ever need. If you do need more advanced features though, feel free to contact us for custom development! We have many 5+ years of A.I. research, PHP/JS and Mobile development.


Server Technologies: PHP 5 / MySQL 5
PHP.Ini Settings: short_open_tag = ON


ATHENA has been fully tested to work on the cheapest shared hosting providers. We do recommend, though, that you use a VPS, a Dedicated Server, or professional PaaS like AppFog (although their MySQL setup is slightly different). Cheap shared hosting is sufficient but in our tests, things got sluggish when there were more than 8,000 database rows and more than 20-50 users using it concurrently. Remember, this bot is more geared towards specialized conversations and virtual assisting. If you plan to unload the entire English dictionary into its databases, well, you better have a very expensive server for that! Hopefully by then you’ll be making so much money, it wouldn’t matter ;-)


Google Chrome v.32
Internet Explorer 8+
Firefox 5.0
Safari 5.1
Opera 11.60


Desktop / Laptop Browsers
Mobile Browsers


Google Chrome with minimum browser window size of 980×500.
The app is responsive and will adjust itself to mobile but a better user experience is definitely on a wider screen.