Authentica – Responsive Two-Factor Register/Login (Forms)

By Acty, February 14, 2014

Authentica is a very powerful user login/registration/authentication system. It’s coded very securely in PHP, the frond-end is done in Bootstrap which provides a great responsive experience. It’s very easy to implement and or to expand the current code. This product is very well documented and the code is extensively commented.

Authentica provides a very simple and secure way to protect pages/scripts. In demo you can see that there are two options; Register and Login. Go to Registration, here you will be able to create an account. Enter an username, email address and a password twice. When you press Register the current system saves the user data in sessions (this is just for demo, you should save the information to a database). Now you will see a message appearing about a successfull user registration. You will see a small summary of the data you entered, you will also see a QR code. This code must be scanned using Google Authenticator (free app available in Google Play, App Store and App World). Authenticator will now save this secret key, using this data it will generate unique Authcodes for you.

After registration we are going to demonstrate the Login page. Proceed to Login, here you must fill in your username and password; including an Authcode. The Authcode can be generated from the Google Authenticator app. Authcodes are visable for an amount of seconds and valid for minute. You should now be able to login.

To test the demo, please register first then you are able to login. Registrations are saved on session basis as demonstration.

• Developed with security in mind.
• Based on Bootstrap. Easy to code even for non-developers!
• Very responsive, works on any mobile device.
• Two-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator.
• Authenticator app available freely on Android, iOS, BlackBerry.
• Very well documented and code extensively commented.
• Easy to customize, integrate or expand.
• Highest level of security with security features.
• QR code after registration to simply add it to Google Authenticator app.
• Build-in logger to log user information from hacking attempts.
• Supports all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, Opera.