CamCafé webcam addon for SocialStrap (Images and Media)

By Acty, February 7, 2014

CamCafé webcam addon for SocialStrap

Live private webcam chat rooms

CamCafe is build with WebRTC and comes with 10 ready to go webcam chat rooms available only for your registered users.

You don’t have to use all 10 webcam addons if you need only 3 chat rooms just activate the first 3 rooms.
Just upload al 10 webcam chatrooms you can disable what you don’t need in the admin menu (tab Addons).

Your visitors will love this addon they don’t need to install any software or register an extra account like skype.
They only have to give an secret connection key to a friend and they can chat it’s fast and fun.

WebRTC is p2p Browser To Browser (Chrome OR Firefox) so there is almost no bandwidth or force on your server to run this!

Because no browser has fully implemented the current draft WebRTC spec, these issues currently exist beyond our control, but they are likely to be fixed in future releases:

Browser support: Chrome 26+, Firefox 23+
Safari and Internet Explorer have not announced support for WebRTC yet.

Open peerkeys.php follow instructions inside this file.
Upload all the camcafe-room folders inside the folder
upload-files-inside-to-addons/ to the addons/ folder

Your 10 rooms are now active you can disable and enable the webcam chat rooms in the admin menu (tab Addons).

Thats it enjoy ;)