CSS3 Button Pack (Buttons)

By Acty, February 12, 2014


Build almost any type of button you can imagine with this awesome style kit!


Works on all the newest browsers, properly tagged and contains transitions.

Component Styles
Mix and match classes to create different button styles, effects, and animations.

4 File Formats
Style pack comes in standard, PrefixFree, LESS, and SASS versions. Demo files are available for everything except SASS. Minified versions have been included and tested.

Font Awesome Ready
Button styles were developed using the Font Awesome icons as a base. Any icon can be substituted as long as it uses the “i” tag.

4 Button Sizes
X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

10 Base Colors
Light, Tan, Dark, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Purple.

CSS3 Icon and Button Animations
We have effects ranging from rotations, flips, scaling, and skewing.

Thousands of Combinations
This isn’t about using a subset of button styles, this is about making any type of button you need. Perfect for blogging, content creation, or general website building.


HTML Demo files for various formats plus an examples file.

CSS-Buttons.css (Regular, Minified, LESS, SASS, and PrefixFree).

Demo images and styles.

HTML file with instructions on the installation, use, and configuration of the styles.


Font Awesome – Font icons used in the button demos.

Change Log

VERSION 1.0.0 [2/12/2014]
- Initial Release