DOMTalk – PHP Chat support full websocket (Help and Support Tools)

By Acty, February 27, 2014

  • No need database require

DOMTalk using websocket connection for transfer data from customer to administrator and get message from admin for help discussion, one client open a chat box and send 1000 message only using one request, we don’t need database! Simple is perfect.

  • Send email if admin offline

If administrator not online for help, customer can send email to administrator in chat box.

  • Notification if browser not active

We have a conversation from customer with admin, Ops, customer open another website! Admin send a message but customer can’t see!!! Don’t worry, alert box showing and notification to customer.

  • Fully PHP websocket server

I’m working everyday in two month for created the best PHP Websocket server for you, you can find some example from google with keyword “php websocket” but you can’t find any php websocket source like this.

  • Standalone live chat box

This is very simple chat box for web and standalone, you can use on any webpage, this box will not affect the structure of your page.

  • Simple include in html page

Include this chat box in html page very simple, only need jquery and paste 15 javascript line on index page, working fine.

  • Professional admin page

In admin page, you can see everybody need help in general room, can see any room and all channel. Join channel or leave channel for help your customer very fast, support multiple admin login and chat with customer one time.

  • Easy to use for customer

Have design friendly, clear and include guide text, tooltip for help customer can chat with admin.

Live preview

• Chat box: http://project.clnase.org/room/boxmodule/
• Admin page: http://project.clnase.org/room/
• Username: testdemo
• Password: 123456

Support your problems

If you have problems, questions, ideal, etc… Contact me via email vietnguyen09@me.com

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