Facebook Forum (Social Networking)

By Acty, February 1, 2014

Faceforo is a discussion board for Facebook pages (fan pages, company pages etc). Works like normal forum scripts but for sure it does not has the features of vBulletin, IPB, xenForo etc etc. But as you can read below, the most important features are including

PS: My 8 years experiance on developing AddOns for vBulletin™ (my portfolio has 35+ such addons), guarantees that if not now, some day in the near future, faceforo will becomes the most powerful forum for facebook™.


  • Unlimited Forum Categories, with unlimited depth (subforums)
  • Unlimited Usergroups with ability to specify different permissions for each usergroup
  • Uses Smarty template engine for easy modifications.
  • Post, Edit, Delete, Reply, Quote based on Usergroup permissions
  • Sticky threads
  • Icon identifier for threads
  • Visual Editor for text formatting
  • Ability to attach Images and Files
  • Powerful Search form
  • Sharing in Facebook wall
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to threads (notifications are posting to user’s timeline
  • Powerful Admin control panel
  • Latest threads, Sticky Threads, Popular threads in Homepage
  • User Info block in Homepage
  • Top posters, Just join us in Homepage
  • Statistics and Users Online in Homepage
  • ToDo List

    Follow features are not including in the current version but they’re in my ToDo list to include them in the upcoming versions (depending on the amount of sales).

    Important Notification

    Here are some important information regarding Faceforo to avoid possible misunderstandings:

    • Faceforo is a Forum script which works only in Facebook as Page Tab Application. Even if the data are on your own webspace, the forum is not accessible by your domain name.
    • Does not works in Facebook groups. Works only in Facebook Pages.
    • Only Facebook users can access and use your Forum.
    • Unlike some other companies who are offering Forum services for your fan page without giving you the ability to access your data, with Faceforo you own the data and thus you have full access to them.

    About Support

    Codecanyon is a great place to find cheap high quality scripts but the Comments section is far away to be count as support section.

    So for support issues, bug reports, suggestions for new features, you must register at: https://www.christeris.com.

    You can use the Comments section only for pre-sales questions.


    • Facebook Account
    • Web Hosting depending on the traffic that you expect to have.
    • Server with PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5, able to run Cronjobs.
    • SSL certificate. Since Oct 2012, FB applications work only in secure layer (https).