Flatner – Flat Bootstrap Skin (Bootstrap)

By Acty, February 2, 2014

Flatner is an flat skin for the popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Flatner is built based on latest trend, that mean your website will gain a clean, flat

and modern look. Built on top of Bootstrap framework, Flatner provide you the powerful of an great framework and modern style of the latest trend.

Flatner don’t have overwrited rules, so your CSS file will be very small, for fast loading time and great user performance. Also, Flatner provide a large

range of new components and plugins that will help you. If you need different color scheme, Flatner provide 9 different colors for each component (e.g.: Navbar, navs,

buttons, accordion, checkboxes …).

Flatner is build using LESS, a great CSS preprocessor which make this skin so powerful. Components style can be changed from a single file, that will provide

you the full power of editing this skin very fast.

  • Bootstrap 3.0.3
  • Responsive framework
  • Mobile first framework
  • Example pages included
  • Build with LESS
  • +300 Retina Ready Icons by Font Awesome 4
  • Styled Select, Checkbox and Radio elements
  • New UI Elements (button, toggles, select, radial bar, etc.)
  • Well documented (like on bootstrap website)
  • … and all the Bootstrap’s great features