Fufu – Viral media/gag script (Social Networking)

By Acty, February 13, 2014


Fufu provide you a quick and easy way to create an viral media site (with brief-popular named “gag site”). It was built with lots of features that you need for a premium viral media website and lots more are waiting for upgrade. Your website’s visitor are allow to post gag as video type (more than 20 sites available for embed), image type, gif or vine.


  • Quick installation (input then done, no file-modified need).
  • Build with PHPNinja, easy to integrate other applications, easy to customize.
  • Powerful admin dashboard: add, edit, delete, approved, listing fu
  • Nice UI: 70% action from front-end and back-end is ajax. Base on user-experience researched.
  • Mobile ready! People sometime misidentify that built with bootstrap is always reponsive but lots of script lookin damn bad on mobile. Fufu is pixel-perfect on mobile and tablet.
  • User submission: User can submit fu with a strong spam filter.
  • AJAX Rating
  • Built-in theme editor: Edit widget and layout from dashboard.
  • Built-in language editor
  • Word censorship: No more worry about bad-words content
  • Public moderator: Community is the best moderator for your website. Reduce your workload. You can turn it on/off and set how much positive rate/ negative rate so the fu will be accepted or not.
  • Hashtag: Hashtags in content provide more SEO value than simple tagging system. User are able to search for tag, too
  • Category: More than hashtag, category help you to management content easier and help your user suff fu with better filter. (You can turn this on/off)
  • Powerful paginator and filter
  • Rss ready
  • More than one languages support: you can also add and translate your own very easy from dashboard.
  • Theme/Language choosable: Visitor are able to choose language and theme (You can turn this on/off)
  • Fully SEO tag customization with some shorttags, provide you a quick and easy way to customize page’s tag from dashboard
  • Custom page: Custom page is now simpler than ever, type then published. Suit for news, blog or everything you want.
  • Rich options: Almost all features are “togglable”!.
  • Facebook comment + Addthis sharing: Easy to attract more visits via Facebook community and other social network.
  • Responsive design. Cross-browser supported.
  • And more…