Hyena v1.2 (Images and Media)

By Acty, February 24, 2014

Hyena offers a lightweight, responsive and high-performance solution to easily adding media controls and additional interaction to Animated GIFs. Just add class=”hyena” to your Animated GIFs and Hyena does the rest. From there you can optionally configure Events, Animation Effects, Media Controls, Skins and much more.


  • Minified Production + Source Code
  • 6 pre-built Skins
  • Comprehensive and Interactive Documentation
  • Customer Support + Excellent Author Rating


  • Responsive
  • Lightweight and Hardware Accelerated
  • Just add a class to apply Hyena
  • Play on Click, Hover, Touch or with Media Controls
  • Includes 6 Customizable Skins
  • Full Mobile and Touch Support
  • No JavaScript Experience is Required
  • Works with all CMS Platforms including WordPress
  • Extremely Comprehensive Documentation
  • Rigoursly Tested on Actual Devices for Real World Performance Metrics
  • Excellent Author Rating and Timely Support

Licensing: the author grants permission to use this item in commercial projects within the Envato Marketplaces, using the Extended License.