LatestNews – Animated News Ticker (News Tickers)

By Acty, February 12, 2014

LatestNews – Responsive News Ticker

LatestNews is a new responsive plugin that allows you to show news feed with amazing text effects.
It already comes with a Theme Configurator (360 css files included!) and 200 ready-to-use text animations.


  • 200 ready-to-use animations
  • theme configurator
  • responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • it can get news items from facebook (php files included)
  • it can get news items from twitter (php files included)
  • it can get news items from standard RSS
  • it can animate both letters and words
  • full compatibility with all the latest browsers
  • fallback for older browsers

200 ready-to-use animations

LatestNews already comes with 200 ready-to-use awesome text effects and with a tool that let you create your animation packs.


LatestNews can get news from standard RSS (using Google Feed API), Facebook and Twitter (it requires you to know how to use facebook and twitter API).


LatestNews lets you animate letters or words, control speed and stagger and so on.


LatestNews works in all the latest browsers, with fallbacks for the old ones (some features, like 3D transforms in IE9, may be disabled).


LatestNews is responsive

SEO friendly

You can use standard html list tags


CoolText takes advantage of the TweenMax and jQuery. See their licences.