Magmoz Login Core (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, February 6, 2014

Magmoz Login Core (MLC) was built for easy, fast and powerful membership web development. Where you’ll find the CSS clutter and messy code in a typical membership system, MLC provides a clean and powerful foundation from where you have full customizability of your programs.

Is MLC a framework?

Here at Magmoz we don’t believe in “pure” frameworks. We’ve made MLC a compromise between the membership systems you’re used to, but with the simplicity of development you would get from a framework.

A dashboard has already been added, with all the features you need and none of the clutter. MLC gives you full control and customizability over the dashboard, and moreover, your app will be running at full performance.

  • For your convenience you can now edit one config.php file to start using MLC!

Main Features

    The Core

  • Register users
  • Users can Login & Logout
  • Account Verification via Email
  • Remember me
  • FaceBook Login
  • Dashboard

  • Protected Areas
  • Account Upgrade/ Downgrade
  • Avatar & Gravatar Support
  • Edit User Profiles
  • Admin Can View/ Edit Users
  • Locally Generated form Captcha
  • Additional Features

  • PDO Standard Password Hashing (Blowfish)
  • Brute Force Protection
  • “Pretty”, Unbranded URLs


<strong>Beta</strong> | 9/25/2013
+ Initial Release
<strong>Beta Update 1</strong> | 11/1/2013
+ Added FaceBook Login
+ Added Brute Force Protection
+ Fixed Debugger Issue
<strong>Beta Update 2</strong> | 1/5/2014
+ Improved Brute Force Protection by Blacklisting IPs
<strong>CodeCanyon Release v1</strong> | 1/28/2014
+ Improved dashboard (avatars, database query efficiency)
+ Added SQL Import Files
+ Added Documentation
+ Minor Code Formatting
<strong>Next Update</strong> | Coming soon...
+ Huge Documentation Improvements (Visually)
+ Add Minimum CSS Graphics

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