Opencart CDN extension (OpenCart)

By Acty, February 24, 2014

Opencart CDN extension is a general CDN solution for opencart. which will speed up page resources loading in client browser.

the main features are:
1.separated data images and theme resources.
2.easy operate on backend module setting.
3.support multi-cdn domains
4.support adding ”?version=numberic” at CDN resource urls to solve CDN expiration issue when updated static resources.


1. VQmod is required.
2. unzip this extension and reset to your opencart site document root, login backend,
click “extension->module” menu, then pick “Opencart CDN” module,

demo site:

backend : http://opencart.site4test.com/admin/index.php
login : demo/demo

if you have further question, you can contact opencart@site4test.com directly or leave comments.