Security Commander Advanced (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, February 9, 2014

Security|Commander is a brutally powerful website security app that allows you to monitor and protect any PHP/MySQL website in real time. It uses intelligent algorithms (same ones used by major industry players) to detect all known hacker attacks as well as new unknown threats using code recognition and user-action patterns, and automatically takes action. What’s better, you get to watch all this action in an innovative 3-pane widescreen design in real-time! And finally, it comes with a bonus malware scanner, analytics program, and a mobile-ready responsive design.

This app is an industrial-grade security powerhouse packed full of features! Do NOT launch your website WITHOUT THIS!


+ Real-Time Traffic Monitoring (Built-In Live Analytics)
+ Real-Time Attack Monitoring (Watch all the action as hackers “try” to attack your website!)
+ Real-Time Scanning of all user input (GET and POST data)
+ Innovative 3-Panel Live Monitor Interface
+ Industrial-Strength Algorithms to Detect Known Hacker Attacks
+ Intelligent Pattern Recognition to Detect Unknown Attacks at 80-95% Accuracy
+ Advanced SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS protection and more
+ Advanced Session Hijacking Prevention
+ Basic DoS Flood Protection at the PHP Application layer
+ Proxy IP Detection
+ Browser / User Agent Detection
+ Convenient Database Cleanup Tool
+ Advanced Malware Scanner for Your Server [BONUS!]
+ Responsive Desktop / Mobile Design [BONUS!]
+ Auto-Installer Included [BONUS!]
+ Sample Data and Sample Malware (for testing) Included [BONUS!]
+ Clean Minimalist Design to Help You Focus On What’s Important
+ 10-Page Documentation
+ Easy To Install (10 minute setup process)
+ Easy to Use (No programming knowledge required.)


Server Technologies: PHP 5 / MySQL 5
PHP.Ini Settings: short_open_tag = ON
Shared Hosting (should work even on the cheapest web host!)


Google Chrome v.32
Internet Explorer 8+
Firefox 5.0
Safari 5.1
Opera 11.60


Large Desktop / Laptop Browsers
Small Mobile Browsers


Google Chrome with minimum browser window size of 980×500.
The app is responsive and will adjust itself to mobile but since security is VERY important, a larger screen will allow you more flexibility and see more data.


This script was created to be able to fit into any PHP/MySQL application. However, there might be times when you wish to modify its source code. We don’t recommend you modify the source code! This is because with something as important as security, one wrong move could damage your website or create a vulnerability for hackers. Do not modify the source code unless you are a security expert! You modify anything at your own risk. This is your website security we’re talking about here :-)

WORDPRESS INTEGRATION: This app has been tested to work 100% on WordPress. However, it will not work inside of WordPress’ admin panel; It will work in its own admin panel. Remember, it is not a plugin for WordPress. To integrate into WordPress, you will need custom modification to WordPress’s source code and we would be happy to do it for you for a small fee.

REMEMBER: This app secures your website at the application layer only. In order to secure your website at the root server layer, you will need to install special software (and sometimes, hardware) into your actual server, and most shared hosts will not allow you to do that.

Photo Credits: Thanks to Placeit.net for Some Image Generation