Smart Timer And Counter: Flat Skins Addon (Countdowns)

By Acty, February 1, 2014

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This is NOT standalone plugin, it is an addon for Smart Timer And Counter plugin, and this addon can’t be used on it’s own. This addon adds 7 more skins for: Smart Timer And Counter and you need to purchase this main plugin first. Addon instructions and documentation includes information about using the Skins addon with main plugin.

Addon Information

Smart Timer And Counter: Flat Skins Addon is collection of 7 skins for Smart Timer And Counter plugin. It will add 7 skins that have clean, flat and modern look with free color customization, changing sizes, fonts and other elements through plugin initialization, and with any extra styling you need through adding extra CSS styling. All skins are responsive.

To use this Skins addon, you need Smart Timer And Counter plugin. Skins addon files are loaded with Smart Timer And Counter plugin files, and you can set up your counters to use new skins. Addon package contains demo files showing how the skins are loaded, how you can set them up and use with main Counter plugin.

Plugin is tested with current Android (with 2.3.5, 4.0.2 and 4.1.2) browsers, iPhone and iPad Safari and Chrome (with iOS7), all modern desktop browsers (IE9 and IE10 will not show some of the styling). It requires JavaScript and jQuery support to work.

Skin: Panels

Skin: Panels
Skin combines squares and bars to give more importance to more important counter elements. You can adjust layout, or use automatic settings to best fit elements you want to use.

Skins: Tiles And Squares

Skins: Tiles And Squares
Simple tiles (filled with color) or squares (only borders, with adjustable border width). They are arranged horizontally, and they can rearrange for smaller screens in multiple lines.

Skins: Bars And Rectangles

Skins: Bars And Rectangles
Elements are stack on top of each other, vertically. Bars are filled and rectangles have only border (adjustable border width). By default they use full available width, but you can set any width you want.

Skins: Circles And Rounds

Skins: Circles And Rounds
Exactly the same as Tiles and Squares, but these have border radius applied to get the circular shape.

Addon Requirements

  • jQuery 1.7 or newer
  • Smart Timer And Counter 2.5 or newer


Version 1.0 / 2014.01.28.

  • First release