Stripe Payment Gateway for Opencart (OpenCart)

By Acty, February 19, 2014


* No modifications to core files!Easy to install, Easy set up just upload and configure will full instructions
* Created using the newest version of Stripe Checkout, V2!
* Select if you want to verify CVC, Address Line 1 and Zip Code
* You have an option to securely store your customers card details for future purchase
* You can run both Test & Live modes easily
* This module is fully dynamic so your customer does not leave your website and updated via AJAX
* Have subscription-based products? Just enter your Stripe Plan ID in the new Stripe ID field when you’re editing a product in the admin, and that product will be linked to your plan, and purchasers of that product will be signed up to that plan and a new order will be created every time their subscription recurs.
* Just want this payment method for a few select groups? Perfect! You’ll be able to limit this payment method from appearing by choosing single or multiple variations of: Order Total, Store, Geo Zone, Customer Group and Currency!


User: demo
Password: demo

Which card numbers should I use for testing?





Number Card type
4242<span />4242<span />4242<span />4242 Visa
4012<span />8888<span />8888<span />1881 Visa
5555<span />5555<span />5555<span />4444 MasterCard
5105<span />1051<span />0510<span />5100 MasterCard
3782<span />822463<span />10005 American Express
3714<span />496353<span />98431 American Express
6011<span />1111<span />1111<span />1117 Discover
6011<span />0009<span />9013<span />9424 Discover
3056<span />9309<span />0259<span />04 Diners Club
3852<span />0000<span />0232<span />37 Diners Club
3530<span />1113<span />3330<span />0000 JCB
3566<span />0020<span />2036<span />0505 JCB