UploadThis! (Windows)

By Acty, February 5, 2014


UploadThis! is the first plug-in based multi file uploader application which supports most popular websites like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. With every update, new upload hosts will be added and you will also have access to new plugins. You can upload any type of file as long as the host supports it and its pretty easy.

You can upload multiple files to multiple hosts. Drop your files to UploadThis and forget it. You can always get the download links from the app.

Which hosts can I upload?

As initial release, the following hosts are supported.

  • FacebookPicture with message
  • YoutubeVideo w/ title, description, category and tags
  • VimeoVideo..
  • DailymotionVideo
  • InstagramPicture with message (you can use hashtags)
  • ImageShackPicture
  • RapidShareAny file
  • Dosya.tcTurkish file host which supports most extensions

But I need to upload to another host…

That’s OK. Just pass your wish to me in comments and I will update app as soon as possible.

What else?

  • Right click to file to upload (Context menu option)
  • Well documented readme file with images
  • Full support

Please feedback in case of any problems or bugs with a screenshot or full text error description.