Shipping Rate per Country/Product (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, March 2, 2014

Magento does not provide to calculate the shipping rate per country and/or shipping rate per product, so this extension allows you to set up the shipping rate individually per product and/or per country. It’s a very useful extension for store owners who require to define an individual shipping rate for each product and/or for each country.

General Features

Easy installation
100% open source
Meets Magento programming practices
Life time free update

Extension Features:

Ability to enable/disable the extension.
Ability to add shipping rate for each product.
Ability to add shipping rate for each country.
Uses a shipping rate attribute for easy management.
Admin can set default shipping rate and can set different rate for each product while creating a new product or editing the existing one in admin panel.
Admin can specify countries rates in csv files and if no rate is defined for any country then
defaulty country rate will be used for country shipping rate.
Ability to show shipping rate column on products grid page.
Ability to use default shipping rate when shipping rate is not defined for any product.
Ability to manage shipping title and shipping method name through configuration.
Ability to view shipping information on checkout page and/or order view page .
Ability to set up the specific country for shipping.
Easy to calculate handling fee for products e.g fixed amount or amount in percent.
Ability to show shipping price on product view page.